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Beauty, coziness, clean mountainous air, real healthy food (own production), pleasures, warmness, challenges, sports, tourism, hunt, fishing.

This is the offer of complex "Roden Krai" s. Vlaichevtzi - the pleasure of resting, having fun and enjoying life.

The complex "Roden krai" has the following features:

Capacity of 40 seats: 6 maisonette apartments, 3 double rooms (bedrooms), 1 room with two single beds.

There is also a swimming pool, sauna, fitness center, tangentor, jacuzzi, billiard, volleyball playground, children playground, horse-riding base, guarded parklots, bar-restaurant, own watersourse and many proposals for rest, tourism and trips..

 Next to the complex is the beging of the eco path "Vitata stena", from where is a great view at the central Stara Planina.

The lake Bliakovetz near Zdravkovetz is a real luminary, like an artezian well from a distant pass to our reality.


The pleasure of resting and having fun depends also on food. Here in the "Roden Krai" complex the staff guaratees you not only tasty food, but also prepared on fireplace and firebox specialties, produced in Vlaichevtzi

The "Roden krai" complex has a house of the Bulgarian national revival with bedrooms, each of them with own toilet. The house is without a maintenance staff and is with a fully equipped kitchen in which everybody according to his taste can make his own culinary drives.

Make the best choise for any occasion or holiday in the "Roden Krai" complex -a place which gives you what you want!

This is the offer of the "Roden Krai" complex Vlaichevtzi - the pleasure of resting, having fun and enjoying life.

We wish you pleasent hollyday and a happy stay !!!